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September is for change!

I made food our first cornerstone because it is foundational to exceptional health and longevity. I’ve seen so many people transform their lives by eating more nutritious, whole, plant-based foods. It’s so fulfilling to see people change their lives so positively and healthfully.

Whether you are beginning your journey to abundant health and beauty or are well down the path and looking at optimizing your health and beauty, it starts with getting rid of the old, stagnant energy.

The energy I’m talking about is old food, whether in your fridge, pantry, or even your gut.

Take a look around your kitchen, look in the fridge. Is there old food you haven’t finished or used? Leftovers that really need to be thrown out? Snacks in your cupboard that slow down your progress?

Take a moment and clear out that old food energy and make room for what you really desire, what will nourish your body and soul. Involve your family, let them help you create momentum and new energy.

This handy chart will help you determine how long food remains fresh and healthy.

Now, once you’ve purged outdated spices, old veggies and fruits, dairy products, and foods with refined sugars, it’s time to introduce the new food energy. Let’s add more plant-based proteins, dates instead of sugar, oat milk instead of milk, and a whole lot of greens!

It’s important to have some great recipes to get you started. These three recipes will help create a set of staples for your diet. They are also the building blocks that will help you learn to live and cook in a way that powerfully benefits your energy, beauty, and health.

Green smoothie

Carrot maca energy balls

Veggie stew

These recipes are also an excellent place to start your shopping list when stocking up your pantry and fridge again. Of course, you can always mix and match veggies and ingredients to transition into eating in a powerfully healthy and beautifying way.

Progress not perfection–small steps add up in a big way!

Spiritual Growth? I can’t wait to hear from you!

With big love and gratitude,

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