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The Baron's eyes made another circle, unable to stop, while their owner himself could not understand what, in fact, was the catch Peretz was the first to ask a counter question:

- Sergeyich, you can’t make matzah?

- And not only! What do you think, old man, what kind of cuisine can be in the restaurant at Aron? Mazist answered.

Only after these words did not everyone immediately understand that the restaurant owes its new name to the burnt-out first letter "B" ...

When the depth of awareness reached the limit, the Baron stopped rolling his eyes and calmed down, because the worst was already behind him and he would not become the object of universal ridicule. Relieved, he drank a glass and joined in the fun, promising to fix the situation with the name, quipping that the new sign would scare away rather than attract customers.

The distinguishing feature of a good player from a beginner is the ability to stop in time.

The Mazist calls this the ability to "work out the gymnastic sketch of the dismount." Those who are “friends with gymnastics” go home with money. Arkady knew a player named Tamerlane.

He said that when casinos first appeared in Moscow, he and his friends often went to them. And, as a rule, they always returned home “empty”. Not because they did not know how to play and did not know the rules.

Not because fortune turned to them in the wrong place. There were two reasons: –could not work out the dismount in time;


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