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A battery is an electrochemical device that stores chemical energy and releases electrical energy when necessary. The device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called a chemical cell and is generally referred to as a battery for short. After discharge, the internal active substance can be regenerated by charging - storing electrical energy as chemical energy; Chemical energy can be converted into electrical energy when discharge is required. This type of battery is called a secondary battery.

AGM stands for Adsorbed Glass Fiber Separator Technology. agm battery use a lean liquid design. The electrode plate is not immersed in the electrolyte. Except for a portion of the electrolyte inside the plate, most of the electrolyte is absorbed by the porous fiberglass separator. The plate is in full contact with the electrolyte. The separator maintains a certain proportion of pores not occupied by the electrolyte, providing a channel for the oxygen precipitated from the positive electrode to move to the negative electrode, ensuring that the oxygen can better diffuse to the negative electrode and recombine to form water

Using AGM technology, on the one hand, can effectively prevent the electrolyte stratification, so as to improve the deep cycle life of the battery (up to 3 times of the ordinary battery) and service life; On the other hand, because the diaphragm resistance of AGM is low, it has a good low temperature performance.

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