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Vegan Hallumi

In my non vegan days anari was my go to cheese and of course hallumi when I wanted to have something more densed in taste and texture.

Grilled hallumi in pitta with tomatoes, parsley and simple, so tasty...

Today’s post is about a plant- based alternative to hallumi. I don’t usually try to find plant based alternatives to match my pass carnivore days 😆 but I had to try this one! I guess I am missing home a little bit too much 😅

My photo is not inspiring I know so let’s pretend we have that piece of tofu hallumi on a bed of juicy beef tomatoes with some olive oil and black olives! 🍅

And if you are not convinced yet, let me just mention that this version of hallumi has half the calories and fat of the actual hallumi 😳and less salt

1. Press the tofu

2. Marinate for an hour

3. Then grill it for a few minutes


. 1 block of firm tofu

. 4 Tbls nutritional yeast

. 2 Tbls lemon juice

. 1 Tbls dried mint

.1 Tbls olive oil

.1/2 tsp salt

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2-4 days!

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