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Not your usual Tabouleh Salad

You will love this mouthwatering salad as a main dish! It is very fulfilling and it is packed with vit C and fiber. I like to eat it the next day right out of the ref but you can also have it warm when it is cooked!

Ingredients (Serves 6)

- 1 Tbls olive oil

- 1 small red onion sliced

- 1 garlic clove sliced

- 2 tsp ground cumin

- 1 red chili deseeded and finely cut

- 1 Tbls tomato puree + 175 ml water

- 250 gr bulgur wheat or millet

- 4 tomatoes chopped

- 15 gr walnuts chopped

- 60 gr pomegranate (1/2 the fruit)

- 30 gr parsley chopped

- 1 handful pf mint leaves

- Juice of one big lemon

- 4 Tbls olive oil

- 1 Tbls honey


1. Heat the 1Tbls olive oil and sauté the onion, then the garlic and the cumin and chili.

2. Add the tomato purée and 175 ml boiling water.

3. Add the bulgur or millet, add salt and cook on medium to low for 15 min. Add water if needed.

4. Add all other ingredients, tomatoes, walnuts, pomegranate seeds, parsley and mint leaves and give them a stir.

5. Make the dressing by mixing the lemon juice, olive oil and honey and poor on top!

Let it cool and enjoy!

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