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New gut-friendly smoothie that makes your skin glow!

Updated: May 24, 2022

Today I am excited to share with you this new Cucumber Cilantro Strawberry Smoothie, guaranteed to make you shine. This is one fast and simple way to hydrate and brighten your skin, while also giving your whole body a detoxifying boost.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love smoothies. There is one in particular that is very special to me, the Glowing Green Smoothie, that I have been talking about for ever If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, you can learn more about it on my blog

Like the green smoothie, this Cucumber Cilantro Strawberry Smoothie is an easy way to enjoy loads of immune-boosting vitamins and beautifying minerals without much work. By blending foods before eating them, you are making an easy to digest drink or meal that will keep you full and happy! With so many wonderful minerals and nutrients inside fruits and veggies, enjoying them blended up together in this Cucumber Cilantro Strawberry Smoothie is a powerful way to quickly reap their benefits.

Shine, Beauty

Before I share with you all about the terrific ways that this smoothie can help you feel your best, I want to remind you of one quick tip. No amount of expensive beauty products or treatments can mitigate the effects that unhealthy food has on your skin, hair, and nails. The fuel you give your body influences how much your hair and skin glow and shine! And it’s for this reason that I absolutely love making new recipes for you each week. I want to make sure that you have loads of inspiration when you get in the kitchen so that you’re inspired to eat well and shine with all your inner beauty!

On that note, I believe that you don’t need a million products for healthy, glowing skin. But if you are going to use something on your skin, make the ones you do use count! Our plant-based, non-toxic skincare is rich in nutrients, protective antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory botanicals that deliver visible skin-firming results.

Okay now, let’s dive into some cucumber coolness. Believe it or not, these ordinary vegetables really are a powerhouse of nutrition. You might think that there isn’t much to the standard cucumber, but these understated veggies are ones that you definitely want to work into your diet.

This Cucumber Cilantro Strawberry Smoothie recipe is filled with some impressive beauty food. With cucumber high in all the B vitamins (except for B12), zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium, I want to drink this smoothie all day long. It gives you energy while helping to repair and smooth the collagen in your skin. With multiple B vitamins and zero saturated fats/cholesterol, cucumbers are nourishing to our hair, and again, very hydrating. Cucumbers also have a good amount of vitamin K. Our bodies need vitamin K to help support our bone, joint and brain health.

Another cool fact: the flesh of cucumbers is made up of vitamin C and phytochemicals. The phytochemicals in cucumbers cause the collagen in your outer skin layer to tighten up. This further reduces the visibility of cellulite and wrinkles. This is why you may see people using cucumber slices on their eyes. You can actually apply this train of thought to the skin all over your body. Rub a few cucumber slices on that pesky cellulite right before going to the pool or beach! You can even rub it on wrinkles before a photoshoot or an evening out on the town :)

Cilantro Cleanse

Have you ever tried adding cilantro into a smoothie, Beauty? It is a game-changer, and for more than one reason! For starters, this citrusy, tangy herb packs some delicious punch. It’s an all-time flavor if you ask me. Cilantro really pops when it is mixed with the right ingredients. But don’t be scared to give it a try with my Cucumber Cilantro Strawberry Smoothie recipe. A little bit of this green herb does so much good, not only for the flavor, but also for the goodness of your health.

This mighty herb is definitely one of my favorites. Its cleansing and detoxifying properties are down-right potent.

Strawberry Superstar

The last ingredient I’m highlighting for you today is the mouth-watering strawberry. I have tans of frozen strawberries in my freezer. This superstar is a summer gem and truly ties my Cucumber Cilantro Strawberry Smoothie all together. Strawberries are juicy and sweet and literally bursting with mouth-watering flavor.

Let me mention, it is so important that you aim to eat these fruits seasonally. This goes for all of our produce. Though you might find fresh strawberries available during odd times of the year, these red gems are best enjoyed during spring and summer months. Not only will they be more flavorful, but so gut friendly as well.


· 1 C frozen strawberries

· ¼ C fresh Cilantro

· 1 cucumber

· ½ tsp fresh ginger

· 1 C milk (I used oat milk) or 3 Tbls yogurt)

· 1 tsp bee polen *(optional)

· 1 tsp honey (optional)

· 1 tsp almond butter *(optional)

· Ice

Put all of the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth!


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