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My cute iced matcha latte

Every so often, I’ll go through a phase where coffee will send me into a state of frenzied anxiety, so in my current attempt to cut back, I’ve been opting for gentler iced matcha lattes in the mornings. These days I am a bit on the edge as we are faced with some difficult decisions...

I find that if I focus for a few munites of my day on this latte I become calmer...It’s a treat to find a delicious version out in the world, but the ritual of preparing it at home-no exactly nut it works since all my wolrd is with me- is a pleasure in itself, and takes about as long to prepare as a cup of coffee. I make homemade oat milk a couple of times a week and keep it in a big jar in the fridge.

I follow the fantastic tea company Kettl’s iced matcha latte method to the letter, then pour the finely frothed electric-green tea over a glass of oat milk and ice. A drink this cute needs a cuter glass than the ones I own; But hey no complains.

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