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Mini Twix bites

Theo wanted to try this recipe today! We used some of the vegan protein that we bought. I don’t buy proteins ( powder) often as I am a strong believer that we can get all we need from a balanced diet! Only that my diet has not been that balanced lately 🤣🤣. I try my best to eat home cooked meals and lots of fruits and veggies!

Anyway, the recipe turned out great! Try it with oat flour instead of protein powder if you want!



1 C soaked dates in water

3 Tbls salted peanut butter

4-5 Tbls water


1/4 of the caramel paste

2/3 C vanilla protein powder or oat flour

3-4 Tbls water


50 gr melted dark chocolate


Soak dates in hot water and then blend all caramel ingredients

Combine all crust ingredients until you get a doughy consistency

Layer crust , then caramel and then melted dark chocolate.

Put in the ref for 10 min. Enjoy 💗

Theo and Alexia

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