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Happy Mother’s Day

Freedom cannot be explained. It has to be experienced. It’s a lightness and a feeling of expansiveness. Deep down we are all looking for that expansion, we want to be free. In our quest, we try to create that feeling with many different things- more money, more vacation, working less! Is it ever going to work from external things alone? It was a big lesson for me when my life turned upside down and yet the minute my son was still alive, I was free! I felt free, alive and energetic...

It is our thoughts that make us free, the way we perceive things no matter what it is...Freedom is inside and the moment you are able to observe the mind and the ego you have tools to be free of it. A free woman is a woman that knows her reality... the one who follows her path with no fear! The woman who surrenders and opens her heart! The woman who nourishes her vitality! The mother who loves unconditionally...

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Jul 05, 2023

great mother's day

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