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Happy Easter

I remember when they told us Nicholas was clear and we could fly home. I remember when they told us Nicholas had a relapse. Nicholas Ewing sarcoma was expected to take his life so we had to act fast. I remember sleepless nights trying to find solutions because how can I leave without my son. I remember when we made it to Miami and spend endless days and nights in the ICU. I remember when we restarted chemotherapy and Nicholas lost his hair and started having all the chemo side effects. I remember when we made it to proton therapy. I remember all the scans, blood transfusions, urine tests. I remember all the grown up conversations that I had with my son. What a privilege to have my boy next to me.

As Easter is around the corner think of how our life enters from darkness to light. We are not giving up ever. No matter what you are going through dont give up on your goals. The process of working towards them will be what you remember. Not whether or not you get there every time.

So lets keep the faith

Happy Easter

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