Happy Christmas Everyone!

Sharing some feelings:

1) So grateful for my son’s medical team

2) Scared that we are so close to the end of this journey

3) Physical almost and emotional pain when my son is undergoing chemotherapy.

4) Overjoyed and amazed to watch my son getting better

5) Desperately sad for other kids that don’t have Nicholas medical support and fate.

6) Desperately sad for not feeling comfortable to go back to cy for medical treatment or advice or anything really concerning Nicholas health

7) Empathy for so many other mothers in this world who are going through the same journey

8) Gratitude for having my family around me this Christmas *( even though some beloved people are missing)

9) Gratitude for the small circle of people that kept texting me, sending me love and support all this time, including my kids’ teachers and educators

10) Gratitude for my secretary at the office and the whole team that keeps my work alive!

11) Gratitude for my clients who have been so supportive.

12) Grateful for being able to keep my mind and body grounded by exercising and reading- Vaia.

13) Faith in my spirit guardians, Agia Thekla and your prayers

14) In Love with life more than ever maybe because I have been in some dark places.

15) Infinite love for my daughter who I have missed like never before. So sad to have missed moments of your life but it have made realize how strong you are.

16) Infinite love for my family-Andreas, mom, dad, bro, Arit, Neve, Omeros, Carola-.

17) Inspired to plan my time ahead…lots of writing involved, cooking, traveling, dancing, loving…living in the now basically.

18) Exhaustion

19) Relief

20) Amazement

21) In place…right people around me.

22) Peaceful after writing all this out.