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Follow us for a sugar-free HEAVEN!

You are aware that you are not the only person with a “special” relationship with sugar right? But chances are the reasons behind it are unique!

To make nice with sugar you will need to identify the types you are drawn to and how much of them you consume.


So in order to prepare please track your sugar intake today.

At least think about those moments that sugar comes to mind….

Maybe you make healthy choices all day but tend to indulge in a Nutella nightcap (jar and spoon only) before bed? Or do you just grab a creamy coffee every morning before work? Or is it just a few small chocolates after work?

It is important to identify the types of sugar you like and how much you consume.

So at this point an honest food diary of even 2 days would be give you your straight up statistics.


Check the food dairy and put an S next to the items that you know that contain sugar.



You remove all the straight up sugars in your fridge, freezer and kitchen.

Don’t worry you are making room for the new deliciously healthy food.

Remember we are not doing this so that we can never enjoy a piece of cheesecake again!

We are doing this to reduce the sugary seducers as I like to call them and move on!

So cereal bars, granola, liquid sugar, sodas,  chocolate, ice cream, fruit yogurt, marmalade lemonade, etc all go away.

Remember if you have the right sugar in fresh fruits, honey, dried fruits, the more you are in control!


For the next 7 days we will guide you through your sugar-free heaven by giving you recipes for main meals, snacks and tips! So stay with us and feel free to share any concerns or comments!

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