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Energy..inner from nutrition & other scattered thoughts in Vienna

The past few months has given me so much to think about.. I feel that every cell in my body has undergone a bit of an alteration over the past 7 months. I have accepted that I was somehow destined for what I live, no questions asked, therefore as soon as I embraced my reality the happier I have become in the moment. At times I wish I could justify why Nicholas was the chosen one to go through what he is going through but then I would be unfair for all the other kids on the planet. NO KID should be fighting cancer and that is why we need awareness and funding for research, BECAUSE there is so much we DON'T know.

I am so grateful for being able to hold both of my kids in my arms everyday - PRETTY BASIC HA...- and appreciate the small things like, air, sleep, food and a warm smile. Still, I am thinking that in our island, as much as I love it for its natural beauty, I must admit that in some vital areas we are absolutely clueless, like paediatric oncology..But we are fortunate to have made it to Vienna, after circling around Bavaria, and Nicholas is getting the best treatment possible.

He has survived a big operation and we there are no words to express our appreciation for your positive messages, your possitive thoughts, your possitive vibes that kept coming to us like a wave of energy we needed through those hard times to keep the Hope burning..and it really helped !

Do you believe in energy?

Energy can come from within us ,or it can be received at some level as good vibes, but energy can come from nutrition as well. What we eat will surely give us the energy to stay alive but if we look deeper into what we eat, we will certainly experience that energetic lifeful feeling , like our batteries are charged all the time!

Often, when people commit to making a life shift, they begin with food, which may appear physical, because it can be seen and held, but you may start to experience energetic changes and new discoveries about yourself on a deeper level.

Our relationship with food can run very deep. When you eat whole, nourishing food, notice your thoughts and feelings about your experience and notice how you feel energetically. Are there particular pleasant sensations, are you feeling some reluctance or resistance around this style of eating or something you are consuming? Is your energy vibrating higher or lower?

Noticing our connections to the food we eat is vital in not only properly nourishing our body, energy, and soul, but for better managing our relationship with the food that nourishes us.

The next time you sit down for a meal, take a moment and think to yourself : does this meal contain whole foods to keep me balanced, and does this nourish my entire being? If the answer is no, then take a look at some of my easy and simple recipes on my blog. Is there a specific recipe of mine that you absolutely love? I would love to hear which is your favorite!

With love and gratitude,


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