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Eating healthy is possible and fun as well!

People sometimes think that eating healthy is impossible and very complicated so they end up eating  some jelly in a bag that they think that the 0% fat 0% sugar will give them the answer to a healthier diet!

Other times they  end up replacing meals by drinking “ easy solutions” as I call them just to get a step closer to a slim body!

Photo by Joanna Solomou

People, wake up! Labeling food as “ good” or “bad”, is really unhelpful as it can translate to emotional eating. When you put so much restriction on the way you eat, you will rebel and eat what you know is really unhealthy after all!

Suggesting that eating healthy means you will never have another biscuit or sweet in you life  is completely unsustainable. They both have a place in your diet, and they both can actually be nutritious.

Healthy eating is not a punishment and it doesn’t mean you cant have fun with food. Please don’t get carried away with messages of “ avoid this and avoid that’ because that is not part of a healthy diet. I find it frustrating because so many of the claims made by fad diets, meal replacements and superfoods have just enough truth in them that they sound like it all must be true, like any good lie!

This way of thinking is especially dangerous because it completely ignores the sciences suggesting that even small changes in diet can have a large beneficial impact. If you think you can be healthy unless you eat nothing but vegetables, you are missing the fact that there are substantial benefits from raising your fruit and vegetable intake from zero portions a day to just two!

When people make healthy eating complicated, they confuse themselves and avoid perfectly healthy foods like fruit! Stop pinning one food against another. Enjoy them all, but simply more of the one than the other - its really that simple!

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